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Fire Risk Assessment in London

Smart Property Service ltd is trading as ‘The Fire Risk Assessment in London’ is one of the leading names across the UK in fire safety assessment in london industry. Our experienced fire risk assessors can provide you with professional and comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment Report within short duration which is compulsory requirement.

Fire Safety Assessment in London

This is a legal requirement for an employer with more than 5 people, the owner of license premises, shared premises, the landlords, the occupier, alteration and extension of new building and anyone controlling the premises to have a fire risk assessment.

Our fire safety assessment in London & fire risk assessment residential will give you good understanding of potential risks, educating fire precautions to keep people and environment safe.


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1 - Fire Hazard

Have you found anything that could start a fire? Make a note of it.

Have you found anything that could burn? Make a note of it.

2 – Identify the people at risk

Who could be at risk?

Who could be especially at risk?

Make a note of what you have found.

3 - Evaluate, remove or reduce the risks

Have you assessed the risks of fire in your workplace?

Have you assessed the risk to staff and visitors?

Have you kept any source of fuel and heat/sparks apart?

If someone wanted to start a fire deliberately, is there anything around they could use?

Have you removed or secured any fuel an arsonist could use?

Have you protected your premises from accidental fire or arson?

How can you make sure everyone is safe in case of fire?

Will you know there is a fire?

Do you have a plan to warn others?

Who will make sure everyone gets out?

Who will call the fire service?

Could you put out a small fire quickly and stop it spreading?

How will everyone escape?

Have you planned escape routes?

Have you made sure people will be able to safely find their way out, even at night if necessary?

Does all your safety equipment work?

Will people know what to do and how to use equipment?

Make a note of what you have found.

4 - Record findings & emergency plan

Have you made a record of what you have found, and action you have taken?

Have you planned what everyone will do if there is a fire?

Have you discussed the plan with all staff? Have you?

Informed and trained people (practised a fire drill and recorded how it went)?

Nominated staff to put in place your fire prevention measures, and trained them?

Made sure everyone can fulfil their role? Informed temporary staff?

Consulted others who share a building with you, and included them in your plan?

5 - Review and update

Have you? Made any changes to the building inside or out?

Had a fire or near miss?

Changed work practices?

Begun to store chemicals or dangerous substances?

Significantly changed your stock, or stock levels?

Have you planned your next fire drill?

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